About Us

Who Are We

Ratusan Is a business that seeks for love and passion to provide an exclusive range of product selection originating from Southeast Asia. We hope to provide exclusive selections of products that ease and comfort our daily necessities. We are not only focus on profit gained but we aim to creating a healthy business environment with the transparency and trust between us and our valuable clients. We always encourage our clients dare to ask and completely understand every product and service they request, they buy and they use. The business relationship between us and clients not only sell and buy but we emphasis in sharing and learning.

To introduce a line of enhanced healthy effective Ginger products being adopted into your daily lifestyle.

To be an essential to our customers by providing a range of enhanced Ginger products that ease and comfort their daily life.


100% Real Ingredients

No processed franken products here, healthy and eco-friendly products made with wholesome 100% real ingredients verified by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)

Quality Assurance

We’re taking it seriously on the systematic efforts taken to ensure that the product delivered to customer meet with the contractual and other agreed upon performance.

Formulator Team

We fully utilize every single cost spent to generate the best product and services to our valuable clients. We truly believe that working together with customer is the only way to grow our business.



Ratusan works on acute musculoskeletal pain, rather than chronic pain. So if you have a nagging sore neck or pulled a muscle in your shoulder, you might benefit from slathering on a layer.


I had been suffering from arthritis pain, until i found Ratusan which is a more efficient way to relief from an injury. These over-the-counter products are applied directly to the skin and come in creams.